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Welcome to dpStockPhotos.com, featuring the photography of Daniel Padavona. Our website is proud to be part of the Symbiostock network, which makes it easy for you to connect directly with independent stock artists. By choosing to buy images directly from the artist, you save money over traditional stock agencies while supporting the artist community. The Symbiostock network makes it simple for you to find the images you need for your projects. When you search for images at dpStockPhotos, you will see my photography as well as images from other network members. It’s Easy. Say goodbye to expensive stock agencies forever!

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Virginia Beach in Pictures

Footprints in Sand Virginia Beach Bike Path Colorful Virginia Beach Resort Bicycle Rentals at Virginia Beach

It’s one of our family’s favorite summer vacations. Virginia Beach offers a combination of quiet beach relaxation and exciting nightlife along Atlantic Avenue which is tough to beat. On this trip I aimed for the eclectic: footprints in the sand at sunset, colorful bicycles for rental at sunrise, and the world famous pier featuring a restaurant favorite – Ocean Eddies. Read More

Kickoff: College Football Photos

ncaa football photo Isolated Football Player Football Line of Scrimmage

College football kicks off in just a few weeks. It’s time to gather up football photos for your upcoming design layouts and articles. Here are some of my favorites. Read More

Barbecue Stock Photos

barbecue sticken stock photo   

We collected our favorite and most successful barbecue stock photos for you. From steaks and burgers, to hot dogs, seafood and more. This is the time of year to get grilling, so if you need barbecue images for your designs, we have the tastiest ones! Read More